Fifth Element, The

Mangalore Inner Mask

Stock #55104

An interior creature mask made during the production of the Luc Besson sci-fi action classic The Fifth Element. Left protecting the only being in the world that can save all known life in the galaxy, Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) and Leelo (Milla Jovovich) battle the mercenary Mangalores and the evil human industrialist Zorg (Gary Oldman) to prevent the apocalypse.

This mask and others like it were made to create the visage of the transformative alien Mangalores, with this style of mask fitted inside the alien heads for the jaws. The mask is made of foam latex and features tinted detailing around the gums and teeth, which would have been painted further to help bring the disgusting creatures to life! The piece, though made for the production, was ultimately unused in the final creature heads. The mask shows some signs of wear from its time in use and in storage, including folds and light tears in the foam latex. However, in spite of the wear, the piece remains in overall good production-used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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