Male Creature SFX 'Smash and Punch' Arms

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A pair of Male Creature SFX 'smash and punch' arms used in the 2005 US horror comedy Feast. These hands and forearms belonged to the aggressive male monster and were used whenever he was required to punch holes through walls, floors, the occasional person, and would have also been utilised whenever any of the bar patrons were beating hell out of the limbs belonging to the deadly intruders, saving the stunt men a certain amount of suffering! Each arm is made from hard rubber and the wrinkled surface is painted a mottled skin colour with three horned finger nails and dressed with prop blood. Both arms have wooden poles running through the inside to enable the SFX department to animate them, one of which is bright green which made it easier for the VXF team to edit it out post production. The longest arm and rod measures 87cm long (34.25"), both are in a great production used condition and the skin is still tacky from the copious amounts of prop blood involved in the movie.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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