Coreeshi Bounty Hunter Head

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A Coreeshi head from the cult sci-fi TV series Farscape. The bounty hunters can be seen with their bioengineered exoskeletons in the season 4 episode “I Shrink Therefore I Am”, in which several of the ruthless beings raid Moya in search of her crew.

Made from resin and lined with foam, it features a spectacular biomechanical look, with tubes and vents throughout creating a particularly imposing and sinister impression. An incredibly detailed paintwork gives the piece a metallic appearance with dirt and grime applied to give it a hard-worn battle-damaged look. This particular head is the style of the bounty hunter Crichton spears against the wall, and has had some minor alterations to the original design for a subsequent production that was never made, the main differences being a pair of ‘goggles’ have been added where the actor would have seen out of, and the small pincers that hid the view hole have been removed. It remains in overall very good condition.

Item size - 16.93" x 13.39" x 10.24" (43cm x 34cm x 26cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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