Lot # 268 - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - Mordred's (Robert Addie) Suit of "Golden" Armour

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A suit of armour worn by Mordred (Robert Addie) in John Boorman's Arthurian epic Excalibur. The grown-up Mordred wore his armour in battle against King Arthur (Nigel Terry) and his loyal knights after he challenged his father for the throne.

Handmade in aluminium by legendary movie armourer Terry English, and finished in faux-gold spray paint, this was the only suit of elder-Mordred armour made for the film. The suit consists of a chest and back plate, arms, gauntlets, scaled skirt, leg and foot guards, and a chainmail neck piece. English made the instantly recognisable aluminium helmet after production for display purposes, as the original fibreglass version was lost. The armour is embellished with rivets, spikes and muscular definition and held together with leather straps and metal buckles.

A number of unique marks on the chest and arms screen match the armour to that seen in the film. The set was used in countless stunts and action sequences, which left the suit with a number of scratches and repairs. Most notably, the breastplate was modified for the shot in which Mordred receives a mortal chest wound from Excalibur, and reshoots required English to repair the hole. The repair is visible on screen, as is 'gold'-painted Gaffer tape attached to the lower left bicep. The suit exhibits the previously stated wear, as well as wear from age, including fragile leather straps and the absence of several scales from the skirt. The legs are marked "Eric" for use in a subsequent production.

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