Escape From New York

Set of Ten Miniature Buildings

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”The name's Plissken!”

A set of ten miniature buildings from the production of John Carpenter’s 1981 action classic Escape From New York.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, the film follows the story of convicted bank robber Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) who is drafted in to rescue the U.S. president (Donald Pleasence) after he crash-lands in the city – which is now a maximum security prison.

Because the film crew had to mostly film in burned-out St Louis and had minimal to no access to New York itself, creative filming techniques were required to create the ominous night-time cityscapes. Matte paintings and scale models were made for special effects photography – James Cameron worked as director of SFX photography and the picture’s matte painter. Miniature buildings like these would have neem used in cityscape shots, comprising structures in more distant parts of the scene. They would heighten the effect of foreshortening with their dark, simple design and tiny, uniform stature.

The ten rectangular plastic building miniatures are made of plastic in various sizes. Their underlying dull white layer is overlaid with black panels to create a three-dimensional effect that would have interacted with set lighting to create depth. There are worn areas of paint on several of the miniatures, but they remain in very good production-used condition.

Materials: Plastic.

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