Dungeons & Dragons

Metal Thieves Sword

Stock #1268

A metal thieves sword used in Courtney Solomon’s fantasy adventure Dungeons And Dragons. In a world torn apart by social injustice, thieves Ridley (Justin Whalin) and Snails (Marlon Wayans) find themselves dragged into a growing civil war against the ruling mages of Izmir.

This weapon can be seen in the thieves guild scenes of the film as our hero’s search for the Rod Of Savrille. This sword features a curved metal blade with a cast in groove, a hand painted wooden hilt and a metal cross guard which has an engraved ‘swirly’ pattern. Included in this set is the original scabbard which is made from black leather with brown lacing detailing and has a leather strap attached, allowing the scabbard to be attached to the actor’s waist.

This sword displays signs of wear and battle including scratches and marks on the blade, and the metal hilt has corroded over time in storage. However, the weapon remains in good production-used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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