Judge Shenker Armour

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” "Wait?" Are you kidding me? Did you just say, "Wait"? Judge Dredd - *the* Judge Dredd - finally gets on the wrong end of a gun and all he says is, "Wait." “

A suit of Judge Shenker’s armour from the production of Pete Travis’ dystopian thriller Dredd.

Assigned a psychic rookie candidate for field training, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and rookie Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) hit the streets of Mega City 1 and soon become embroiled in a deep investigation regarding the illegal drug Slo-Mo and brutal gang leader Ma-Ma (Lena Headey).

Corrupt Judges Lex, Kaplan, Chan and Alvarez appeared towards the end of the film after Ma-Ma called them to trick and eliminate Dredd and Anderson. The character of Judge Shenker is part of the Dredd lexicon but ultimately would have been used as a background Judge in the film.

The male costume is made in the distinctive Judge style, consisting of a futuristic biker-like leather-style trousers, jacket, gloves and boots, plastic armoured vest and shoulder pads, and a striking Judge helmet. Each piece is styled with a streamlined cut and details, closely fitting the wearer.

The trousers feature soft rubber knee pads and fabric inlays, while the jacket zips up to the collar – which closes with a button strap - and features similar elbow pads. At the left breast is Shenker’s Justice Department name badge with its shield-like design, eagle motif and dirty gold-coloured paint. Made from hard moulded black plastic, the ribbed armoured vest is worn over the jacket with a tough rubber halter. The bulky shoulder pads are made from resin, connecting to the armoured vest with nylon straps and metal loops, painted faux-gold in the recognisable epaulette-like Dredd style.

Each boot is fitted with moulded hard plastic details for an armour-like appearance, with distinctive shin, toe and heel sections. The leather-style gloves finish just below the elbow, featuring plastic and rubber knuckle detail and ribbed sections. The jacket sleeves have been tapered to fan out over the top of the gloves, with each component of the costume appearing to blend into the next.

The helmet is a replica, made to complete the set and exhibiting the familiar gold-coloured Justice department badge, red ‘X’ pattern across the visor and cold, metallic appearance.

A large amount of production distressing has been applied to create the impression of a hard-worn suit, with worn, creased and frayed areas throughout. Despite this wear, the costume remains in very good overall condition.

Materials: Faux Leather, Man-Made Woven Fibres, Plastic, Ferrous Metals.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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