Dracula (TV Series 2013)

Josef Cervenka (Alec Newman) Costume

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”I only know to lose her twice would be more than I could bear.”

Josef Cervenka’s (Alec Newman) costume from NBC’s 2013 vampire drama Dracula.

Alexander Grayson/Dracula (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) travels to London, pretending to be an American entrepreneur with an interest in bringing modern science to Victorian England. The guise conceals the vampire's much darker plans for revenge against those who ruined his life centuries earlier. His plan hits a snag when he meets and falls deeply in love with a woman who appears to be the reincarnation of his dead wife (Jessica De Gouw).

This costume was worn in the fourth episode of the first series as Josef Cervenka and Alexander Grayson discuss Mina Murray’s (Jessica De Gouw) resemblance to his wife Ilona.

This piece consists of five parts: a black and white pinstripe tailcoat, black pinstripe trousers, a black waistcoat, a white striped shirt and black silk necktie. The shirt is made from linen material and the waistcoat features a silver floral patter with a built-in striped collar and lace-up fastening on the back. There are labels reading “Cervenka Hero” located in the shirt, waistcoat, trousers and waistcoat.

The costume displays no size markings or manufacturers labels, and they are all unlined as they were made especially for the production. There are some signs of production wear and storage, some wear to the bottom hem of the trousers, but nonetheless the piece remains in very good production-used condition.

Man Made Woven Fibres, Silk, Linen, Ferrous Metals, Plastic.

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