Die Hard With A Vengeance

Yankee Stadium Tickets

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Yankee Stadium Tickets from John McTiernan's 1995 action sequel, Die Hard With a Vengeance. In the film, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is forced into a cat and mouse game with a mad bomber, Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons), who has a personal vendetta to settle with the New York detective. Acquired by John after solving the fountain bomb riddle, Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) takes these tickets to Yankee Stadium to seek out another clue.

This item consists of two New York Yankee tickets and a dugout pass that are attached to a weathered envelope. The tickets have been backed by three layers of paper to keep them sturdy, and have been stapled into the envelope. The envelope shows significant wear from age and has been dressed in yellow tape which can be seen when Zeus arrives in the field boxes.

Due to production use and age, this item exhibits some wear to the paper, however it remains in overall good used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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