Dead Silence

Edward Ashen's (Bob Gunton) Open Back Body

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This is Edward Ashen’s (Bob Gunton) open back puppet from the 2007 horror film Dead Silence. The puppet can be seen toward the end of the film when it is revealed to have been Ashen’s hollow dead body “puppet” being controlled by his wife Ella (Amber Valletta).

This full-size piece is made of a silicone torso, head, and arms, while the legs are made of a solid plastic and are in the static sitting position. The puppet has been crafted to look extremely similar to the actor, down to the smallest detail and has a large opening in the rear, running from the lower back to the middle of the head. Inside the opening is hollow with a partial ribcage and internal “guts” covering the body’s interior walls. The piece also features fake eyes, teeth, fingernails, even hand punched gray hair and eyebrows! Additionally, the inside has a long, vertical wooden stick running from top to bottom of the opening which was used to control the puppet and a metal pan at the bottom, to catch the food Ashen was fed.

The puppet has an entire costume suit with jacket, pants, white shirt, dress shoes and socks as well as a cable control which is no longer functioning. The shoes have been labeled “6 Edward Photo Dbl”. The piece has some wear due to age and production use but remains in overall good condition; the right thumb tip is no longer present, the smallest two fingers on the right hand have become detached. This puppet measures approximately 60” x 28” x 26” (152cm x 71cm x 66cm).

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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