Dante's Peak

Terry Furlong's (Kirk Trutner) USGS Jumpsuit

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Terry Furlong’s (Kirk Trutner) USGS jumpsuit from Roger Donaldson’s 1997 disaster movie Dante’s Peak.

Terry wore his jumpsuit while working for the United States Geological Survey investigating seismic activity at Dante’s Peak. The yellow jumpsuit (size ‘46 R’) has been intentionally distressed to look well worn and dirtied. It features a USGS patch on the left breast and multiple zipped pockets. There is also a Universal Studio's barcode in the collar.

It has some additional wear from production use and age, most notably the patch, which has curled over in parts, but overall it remains in excellent condition.

Materials: Man-Made Woven Fibres, Plastic, Ferrous Metals.

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