CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Rascall Flatts - Jay DeMarcus' Autographed Charred Bass Guitar

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An autographed bass guitar from the forensics television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The guitar can be seen in season 10 episode 14 titled “Unshockable”. When the bass player for country music band Rascall Flatts, Jay DeMarcus, is electrocuted on stage, the CSI team comes in, examining guitars, equipment, etc. to determine the cause.

This piece is a Fender four-string Jazz Bass which features a light brown colored wood headstock, a four-screw bolt-on two-tone wooden neck, as well as the body, also made of wood painted a light brown which fades into black at the edges, and a dark red and white scratch plate. The body, which is autographed by Jay and reads “Rascall Flatts, CSI”, has two bipole pickups and two volume and tone knobs.

Due to production use and distressing, the guitar has scratching, wear, and black charred marks that can be screen matched throughout the body and neck as well as scratches and black remnants present on the scratch plate, giving the guitar the intended “fried” look. Additionally, the bass guitar comes with a Fender brown case with custom-molded soft gold interior and an All-Access tour pass from the Rascall Flatts “Bob That Head” 2010 tour. This guitar measures 46” (117cm) long with a 13” (33cm) wide body and is in fair, production distressed condition, as listed above. The electronics have not been tested.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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