CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Bloodied Basketball Shirt and Evidence Bag

Stock #28399

An evidence bag containing a blood splattered basketball outfit from the crime drama series CSI. This is taken from season 13 episode 6 entitled ‘Pick and Roll’ starring Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue. This evidence bag can be seen when they are questioning suspect TJ Fair (Theodore Borders) on why he has the victims blood on his basketball clothes.

The blue and yellow “blood splattered” cotton top is contained in a sealed transparent plastic bag. The shirt features the name Fair and number 17 printed on the back of the shirt in blue. The sealant at the top is lined in red with the word evidence running along it. Inside is a white A5 sticker which has been placed so that it is easily visible for reading. This features a form with ‘Las Vegas Police Department Evidence’ printed at the top with various sections underneath, some of which have been filled out in handwritten black lettering. On the front is a bar code sticker with Las Vegas P.D. printed above.

This entire piece measures 62cm x 35cm (24.5” x 13.75), and is in very good production used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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