Creatures The World Forgot

Lot # 56 - CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT (1971) - 3 Hammer Marketing Artworks (1970)

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Three different painted artworks Chantrell completed for Hammer Studios for the mooted film "Creatures The World Forgot" (the film released in 1971). However, these are not poster prototypes but specially commissioned pre-production pieces created as props for Hammer executives to use in their meetings with potential (American) financiers. Chantrell had an exceptionally close relationship with Hammer, designing and illustrating their UK cinema posters 1965-70. During this period and for several years after, Chantrell also provided artwork for pre-production flyers but on some occasions (as here), Chantrell was tasked to create artwork for financing pitches. The idea was to create something that looked like finished poster art and encapsulated the style and content of the proposed Hammer film. The way Chantrell collaborated with Hammer Studios in this regard is believed to be unique in the British film industry. The three pieces created show a progression in Hammer and Chantrell's thinking about the setting of "The Creatures The World Forgot", the concept morphing from "modern meets prehistoric" to a more straightforward re-hash of "One Million Years BC" (as the funding was uncertain and often the scripts unfinished, this allowed Hammer and Chantrell some latitude). All three artworks are shown in order of completion and the artist has signed each piece. Chantrell framed all three pieces and had these exhibited at his home.

Grading: Excellent

Additional Condition Information: Gouache on card with card painted title overlays on 2 examples, all mounted on black board and framed.

Dimensions: Each 19" x 23 3/4" (48 x 60 cm)

Additional Information: These 3 items come from the official Chantrell archive and written provenance to this effect will be provided. Please note this lot is sold without copyright, reproduction rights, licensing agreements or any other type of legal release.

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