Conan The Barbarian (1982)

Ron Cobb Hand-Drawn Atlantean Tomb Set Design Artwork

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“Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Conan, destined to wear the jewelled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!”

Ron Cobb hand-drawn Atlantean Tomb set design artwork from the production of John Millius’ 1982 action fantasy film Conan The Barbarian.

A young boy, Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger), becomes a slave after his parents are killed and tribe destroyed by a savage warlord and sorcerer, Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones). When he grows up he becomes a fearless, invincible fighter. Set free, he plots revenge against Thulsa Doom.

Artworks were used to plan and design sets and props. The item consist of three artworks hand-drawn sketches of the Atlantean Tomb. The artworks are drawn on paper and sketched in pencil. The artworks show minor wear from aging and production use such as dog eared corners and discolouration to the paper, the artworks remain in an otherwise very good condition.

Materials: Paper.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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