Collection, The

Hero Mutilated Skin Face Mask

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A Screen Matched Mutilated Skin Face Mask from the 2012 Marcus Dunstan horror sequel, The Collection. In the film, a team of mercenaries is sent into the Collector's warehouse to save their employers daughter, Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick).

This mask can be identified as the one worn by a insane 'doll' captives who is gunned down by the mercenary team after being attacked. Similar masks can be also be found in the Collectors warehouse, where they decorate the faces of his mannequins, as well as his examination table where he leaves Elena as a trap for the others.

Made from rubber, this multilayer mask features a chalky off-white color and has been splattered with stage blood. On either end of the mask is a simple black cord, which allowed the item to be easily tied in place over the actors face. The insides of the mask have not been treated with paint, and remains in a dirty peach color with small blotches of stage blood from the actor who the mask. This item measures approximately 10" x 4" x 7" (25cm x 10cm x 18cm) and is in overall good production made condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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