Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Production-Used Storyboard - Humans Greet Aliens

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“ I guess you've noticed something a little strange with Dad. It's okay, though. I'm still Dad.”

A production-used original storyboard from Stephen Spielberg’s 1977 science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) witnesses an unidentified flying object, and even has a "sunburn" from its bright lights to prove it. Roy refuses to accept an explanation for what he saw and is prepared to give up his life to pursue the truth about UFOs.

This is an original production-used storyboard from the making of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It depicts the scene where Roy Neary is greeted warmly by the aliens and led onto their spaceship.

Printed in black and white, the sheet has been hand-marked 'M-92', is labelled as '107 A' and displays handwritten notes to direct camera and actor actions. It has been hole punched where it was grouped in a sequence, forming a comprehensive shot-by-shot version of the film's events and special effects. The storyboard comes beautifully presented in a custom built framed display with laser-cut mount board featuring the classic movie title. The piece is in excellent condition.

Materials: Wood, Glass, Acrylic, Paper, Card.

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