Chronicles Of Narnia, The: Prince Caspian

Satyr Head Display

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”So you’re bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?”

A Satyr head display from the production of Andrew Adamson’s 2008 children’s fantasy adventure sequel The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

A year on from their adventures in Narnia, the Pevensie children find themselves back in the kingdom, and much has changed. The Telmarines have invaded the realm, forcing the Narnians deep into the woods, and they rule the realm with an iron fist. Can the children help the true king, Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes), ascend to the throne and save Narnia in the process?

This creature head was worn by one of the many fantastical background performers, with this particular head belonging to one of the half-man half-goat ‘satyrs’ that formed part of Prince Caspian’s army. Made of lycra and foam latex with resin horns, glass eyes and immaculately punched hair, the head is designed to be worn directly on top of the head of a performer through use of an engineered skull cap, with holes through the satyr’s neck to allow the performer to see while on set. The head is beautifully finished, with paint details giving a deep brown skin tone and brown, almost wood-like horns.

In a very good production-used condition, the mask is marked “#13 Daniel” internally, and comes displayed on a light-up stand. The stand is battery powered and features the film’s logo, which lights up when a push switch on the rear is activated.

Materials: Foam Latex, Fibreglass, Resin, Artificial Hair, Man-Made Woven Fibres, Wood, Ferrous Metals, Plastic.

As this item contains electronic components, every effort has been made to describe them accurately; however, no guarantee or warranty is made as to functionality, lifespan or safety of those components. It is entirely incumbent on the new owner to satisfy themselves as to their safe use and maintenance.

Item size - 14.96" x 13.39" x 22.44" (38cm x 34cm x 57cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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