Page of Costumiers Notes and Continuity Polaroids

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"If you want to understand me, watch my movies. "

A page of costumiers notes and continuity polaroids from the production of Chaplin, the biographical film of the life and career of Charles Chaplin.

Based on 'My Autobiography' by Charlie Chaplin and 'Chaplin: His Life and Art' by David Robinson, the movie shows Charley Chaplin's (Robert Downey Jr.) life from a childhood of extreme poverty, through his worldwide success, and to his eventual exile from America on suspicion of communist sympathies.

This page of notes features a specific scene and handwritten notes on what Chaplin would be wearing in that scene. The two polaroids show Downey Jr. wearing the costume. Photos like this were taken by the crew to ensure continuity of costumes between takes.

The pages of notes has been hole punched, showing that it was part of a larger collection of notes. The polaroids are in a plastic wallet for protection. Considering the age of the pieces they remain in an excellent condition.

Materials: Paper, Card, Plastic.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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