Carry On Cleo

Lot # 21 - Cinema Poster Live Auction - UK Quad "Banned" Poster, 1964

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VAT Status: M,

Artist: Tom Chantrell

UK Quad "Banned" poster for "Carry On Cleo" (1964). This Chantrell poster design resulted in a legal case. Fox Studios claimed that the poster design plagiarised their "Cleopatra" (1963) poster ("Carry On Cleo" clearly spoofed the Fox film). In response Chantrell claimed that his "Cleo" poster was a "parody" and not a copy but the case was lost and this "Carry On Cleo" Quad design was banned and posters meant to be destroyed. This surviving example is very rare and in exceptionally fine condition.

30" x 40" (76 x 102 cm)
Condition: Excellent

Unrestored, lightly folded, with a single tiny edge nick but overall in superb condition.

£2000 - 3000

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