Cabin in the Woods, The

Father Buckner's (Dan Shea) SFX Scythe Super Sale II 40% Off

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Father Buckner's (Dan Shea) SFX Scythe from Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's hit horror comedy, The Cabin in the Woods. In the film, a group of friends vacationing in a secluded cabin discover that they are pawns in a much larger game as they are hunted by a series of demonic monstrosities. This SFX scythe comes from the scene in which Father Buckner appears in the back of the RV and stabs Holden (Jessie Williams). While the scene clearly shows Holden stabbed through the neck, this item was created for the second assault in which Buckner drives the scythe through his head.

This weapon features a long handle made from biscuit foam and a blade made from plastic. The tip of the blade connects to a fiberglass head-plate with six magnets embedded into the material. This skull plate was then attached to actor Jessie Williams scalp where he received his second wound. The handle has been painted with a brown woodgrain, while the blade has been painted a rusted color. Measuring approximately 6" x 26" x 10" (15cm x 66cm x 25cm) this item features minor chips in the paintwork (see photos) but remains in overall very good condition.

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