Broadchurch (TV Series)

Oliver Stevens' (Jonathan Bailey) "Broadchurch Echo" ID and Broadchurch Echo "Reunited" Newspaper Front

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”Compasses break.”

Oliver Stevens' (Jonathan Bailey) Broadchurch Echo ID and the front page of the Broadchurch Echo edition "Reunited".

Oliver wore his Broadchurch Echo press pass in several scenes throughout the series. Held in a plastic slide wallet with pocket clip, the pass features the Broadchurch Echo logo above a colour portrait of the character, with the word ‘PRESS’ down the right side. Stevens’ name and title of ‘Court Reporter’ are printed above an expiry date and issue number.

The newspaper consists of four pages and is one of several copies made for production. It carries the headline “Reunited”, along with pictures and stories of fictional events.

With minor wear from use on production, the press pass remains in very good overall condition. The newspaper is dog-eared and slightly worn from use during production, with some yellowing due to natural ageing – however it remains in good overall condition.

Materials: Plastic, Paper, Ferrous Metals.

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