Three Piece Solider Costume

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A three-piece soldier costume from Mel Gibson’s Oscar winning movie- Braveheart.

In the film, William Wallace (Mel Gibson) sparks a revolt and leads Scottish warriors against the cruel English tyrant who rules Scotland with an iron fist.

Uniforms like this were worn English soldiers throughout the film, as they battle the Scottish brethren. The costume consists of a tunic, trousers and an orange tabard. The tunic and trousers are made from the same thick brown suede-like fabric and are both covered in small plastic scales, decorated to look like steel. The scales are attached to the garments with black thong, used to look like tiny metal rings. The ‘trousers’ consist of two separate legs pieces, which are tied around the upper thigh, over an undergarment.

The style of tabard in this particular costume would have been worn by a higher ranking soldier. The piece is made from orange dyed hessian with the traditional English emblem of the three lions adorned across the front. The lion emblems are made from leather, and the fact they are not painted on shows the importance of the character who wore this tabard compared to the average soldier. The lion emblem is decorated with elaborate patterns on a gold background and features such as the lion’s face are inked on delicately.

The costume displays signs of wear including parts of the Lion emblems beginning to peel in some places as the glue comes unstuck, edges of fabric on the ‘trousers’ are slightly frayed, and a tie is missing on one trouser leg. However, in spite of this wear, the costume remains in very good condition.

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