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Solara's (Mila Kunis) partial costume worn in the Hughes brother's post apocalyptic drama, The Book of Eli.

A lone wanderer travels west across a war ravaged landscape in order to bring a sacred book to safety. Solara can be seen wearing this style of costume as she travels with Eli throughout the film. Included in the set are Solara's sunglasses, vest, hooded plaid shirt, and undershirt.

Solara's glasses feature scratched tinted lenses that are embedded within a wire and duct-tape wrapped frame with rubber tips on the temples. Her vest is custom made for the production, and includes leather wrapped buttons and a matted faux fur collar. Below this is a brown plaid long sleeve shirt made by Arizona Jean Company (size small) with a grey hood that attaches at the collar via four snap buttons. Written on the manufacturer tag is "Stunt Stg 1." The last component is a simple blue flannel shirt (size XS) that is made by BDG.

The entire ensemble has been distressed to appear as though it has endured 30 years of wear in an apocalyptic setting. There are holes in the fabric, loose threads, and general discoloration. Despite the intentional production wear, this set remains intact and in good production-worn condition.

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