Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Lot # 126 - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - Visual Effects Reference Slides, Photographs, and Transparencies

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Visual effects reference slides, photographs, and transparencies from the production of Glen A. Larson's sci-fi television series Battlestar Galactica. These assorted behind-the-scenes images show different stages in the series' visual effects production, including the construction of Viper miniatures and the Battle of Kobol first seen in the feature-length pilot.

The all-purpose litho film storage box contains 325 Ektachrome and Eastman Color 35mm film slides in plastic sleeves with handwritten labels in the margins; three 20.5 cm x 25.5 cm (8" x 10") model concept photographs; five sheets of 10.25 cm x 12.75 cm (4" x 5") set and model concept images, one of which is labelled "Example 4x5 Robman VIPER"; and a set of scanned digital images taken from the film materials. The majority of this content is believed to be unpublished. The box exhibits various signs of handling and age. Dimensions (in box): 33 cm x 27 cm x 5 cm (13" x 10 1/2" x 2")

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