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Batman's Batsuit from the superhero action film Batman Begins, directed by Christopher Nolan. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) wore his Batsuit as he battled the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) and his mentor, Ra's al Ghul (Liam Neeson), to save Gotham City from destruction.

In the film, the Batsuit was created from mothballed military research equipment housed in the Applied Sciences Division of Wayne Enterprises, run by Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), who helped update the design. The design was superseded by a refined Batsuit in The Dark Knight.

The costume was designed by Academy Award®-winner Lindy Hemming, with cowl and armour sculpts by Julian Murray. The design of the suit drew inspiration from more recent comic iterations of the Dark Knight's iconic costume, though the construction was very similar to previous film iterations created under Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher. The cowl was specifically sculpted to fit Bale's face as snugly as possible, while the cloak was designed to flutter lightly behind Batman as he moved. Hemming would later receive a BAFTA Award®-nomination for her contribution to The Dark Knight.

The costume's key components are Batman's trademark cowl (marked'194' internally), and a body suit made up of figure-hugging torso armour and separate leg and abdominal armour cast over a mesh-fabric leotard with zip-up stirrups. A groin piece with a box fitted to protect the performer during the film's fight sequences was worn under the rubber utility belt(marked 'Buster rubber' internally), which is finished in faux-brass paint and secured with cable ties at the rear. A lightweight faux-velvet cape is secured to the costume's chest. The bracers – both left-handed versions– are made of black vinyl, with rubber blades along the forearms. Both the torso armour and belt are emblazoned with the signature bat symbol. A pair of rubber gloves and black leather boots (size 9) complete the outfit.

The costume displays some wear from use and age, with small cracks and tears present in the foam rubber of the cowl and upper body armour, and some loose stitching on the left glove. The Batsuit is presented on a mannequin for display purposes.

This lot is supplied with a Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity in place of a Prop Store certificate. Payment plan on this item is restricted to a duration of one month. Please contact us for further information.

Estimate: £30000 - £40000

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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