Band Of Brothers

Storyboard Set

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”Why We Fight.”

Five pages of storyboards from Stephen Spielberg’s 2001 World War II TV drama Band of Brothers.

The show tells the story of Easy Company, a unit within the U.S. 101st Airborne Division, as they survive European missions from Operation Overlord through to V-J Day.

These storyboards outline several key sequences from the memorable ninth episode, called Why We Fight, which saw Easy Company encountering a concentration camp. This piece consists of pages 19 – 20, which begin with establishing shots to take in the horror of the camp, then Liebgott (Ross McCall) translates as they talk to a survivor. Major Winters (Damian Lewis) asks why they are in this camp, and the emaciated man tells them: “Juden…Juden.” (“Jews…Jews.”)

In the next few pages, the storyboards show Sergeant Perconte (James Madio) wandering around the camp, trying to find Private O’Keefe (Matt Hickey), whose happy-go-lucky attitude had irritated him earlier. He finds O’Keefe sat, staring at burning bodies with ‘a haunted expression on his face’ as the storyboard notes. Each scene and shot is mapped out in detailed monochromatic illustrations with handwritten directions alongside.

There are scene numbers handwritten throughout and a stamp at the top of each page says 'JUL 25 2000.’ These papers show signs of handling and production use but nonetheless remain in very good condition.

p>Materials: Paper.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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