Babylon 5

Narn Facial Appliance

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”No surrender, no retreat. ”

A Narn facial appliance used in the production of the science-fiction TV series Babylon 5.

Set on the Babylon 5 space station, which is a centre of diplomacy and trade, the show sees dozens of different races of try to work alongside each other, despite their religious, ideological, social, and political differences.

This prosthetic face mask and others like it were used by actors portraying aliens from a humanoid race called the Narn. Narn have pronounced brows and chins, and their skin is orange and black, similar in patterning to a leopard. They appear throughout the series.

The appliance is made of foam latex and painted in varying shades of orange and black. The name ‘Tom Narn’ has been handwritten inside. Due to its delicate nature, the appliance is presented on a plastic face mould for stability.

Displaying some wear from production use, and small tears around the throat, mouth and eyes, the appliance remains in otherwise good condition.

Materials: Foam Latex.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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