Wolf (Ian Whyte) Predator Costume Components

Stock #141209

A set of Wolf (Ian Whyte) Predator costume components from Colin and Greg Strause' sci-fi horror sequel Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. The "cleaner" Yautja known as Wolf traveled to Gunnison, Colorado to address an accidental xenomorph outbreak following the events of Paul W.S. Anderson's Alien vs. Predator.

This full-size costume consists of pieces created by Academy Award®-winning special effects group Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI). It includes a mottled green, yellow, and brown foam latex skin zip-up bodysuit with Wolf's personalized netting; a gray foam rubber stunt neck collar attachment; a green, yellow, and brown latex left glove with plastic black nail accents; a pair of silver-color foam rubber shin guards with claw accents and ankle closures; a pair of rubber and foam feet with snap-button silver-color resin toe blades affixed; and several extra loose resin toe blades. It exhibits signs of use and wear throughout, including aging on the foam elements and missing pieces, but remains in fair overall condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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