At The Earth's Core

Model Miniature “Mole” Drilling Machine

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The model miniature “mole” drilling machine from At the Earth’s Core. This model was used for sequences where the massive machine drilled into the side of a Welsh mountain as well as in the film’s finale where the machine emerged from the ground in front of the White House.

The bulky model, measuring over five metres in length, is hollow and was designed to be mounted on a support frame for filming. The vehicle is constructed around a steel pipe with wooden supports around which the fibreglass drill head and body panels are mounted. The panels are covered in faux rivets and other detailing to match the Victorian-era aesthetic of the machine. The subterranean vehicle is finished in light grey paint.

Resin vents, some of which are still present, once ran along the sides of the miniature, opening and closing in a fan-like motion. The head retains many of its resin drill teeth. Resin and plastic windows with interior lighting are still present along with much of the wiring, though the lights no longer function. The piece is equipped with internal gyroscopes believed to have assisted in the rotating actions, though they are now seized. Well-used during production and later used as a tourist attraction, the miniature remains in fair condition. The miniature measures 525 cm x 65 cm x 65 cm (206¾” x 25½” x 25½”)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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