Angel (T.V. Series)

Unfinished Archduke Sebassis (Leland Crooke) Cowl

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An Unfinished Archduke Sebassis (Leland Crooke) Cowl from the fifth season of the popular fantasy series, Angel. In the episode titled “Life of the Party” the Archduke makes his first appearance when Lorne (Andy Hallett) and Angel (David Boreanaz) attempt to convince him to come to Lorne’s Halloween party.

This production made cowl was crafted from the same mold as the one used in the series. The cowl was created from foam latex and was produced at full quality. The quality of the mold can be seen in the great detail present in the pores of the skin and cracking around the horns. Other features present on this cowl are notable pointy upturned ears, natural epaulets on the shoulders, and a protruding spinal column. Some of the flash from the mold is still present from the casting, and the item has been preserved on a foam mannequin head.

This item measures approximately 24” x 17” 9” (61cm x 43cm x 23cm) and is in good condition.

*Please note that the pictured headstand is not included.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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