American Horror Story (TV)

Desiree Dupree's (Angela Bassett) Test Chest Appliance

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Desiree Dupree's (Angela Bassett) test chest appliance from the horror anthology series American Horror Story. The fourth season of the series, entitled "Freak Show," follows an unlucky troupe of freaks in 1960's Florida who find themselves the targets of a maniacal clown, a serial killer and the town's citizens.

Promoting herself as the three-breasted woman, Desiree Dupree joins the troupe alongside her strongman husband Dell Toldeo (Michael Chiklis) in the second episode of the season. The carefully and delicately crafted three-breasted appliance is made of silicone and is mounted on a silicone foam chest backing.

Though not used on-screen, the piece is painted in a fleshy brown shade throughout and shows light wear from production use, but remains in great overall condition.  

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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