Sulaco Shower Detail & Living Quarters Original Hand Drawn Production Design Artwork

Stock #125522

“Get away from her you b****!”

A hand drawn production design artwork from James Cameron’s 1986 action sci-fi sequel Aliens. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is rescued by a deep salvage team after being in hypersleep for 57 years. The moon that the Nostromo visited has been colonized, but contact is lost. This time, colonial marines have impressive firepower, but will that be enough?

Though this section of set is not clearly seen in the final cut of the film, set designs were made by the production and used in the making of sets. The artwork features hand drawn sketches of the Sulaco showers and living quarters, it features production notes and measurements intended for reference for a full-scale set. The design shows edge and a large tear on the top left corner, but it remains in an otherwise very good condition.

Materials: Paper.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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