Partial Greek Infantryman Uniform

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A Partial Greek Infantryman Uniform from Oliver Stone’s 2004 Action Biopic, Alexander. The film follows Alexander (Colin Farrell), the King of Macedonia and one of the greatest military leaders in history, as he conquers most of the known world. These pieces and others like them would have been worn by members of Alexander’s military force as they went into battle.

This set includes a plumed helmet, singulum, and sandals. The helmet is made from molded plastic and painted to give it an antiqued bronze finish. The brow features an arched design, and follows the shape of the eyes over the forehead. Attached at the sides are two panels with a leather strap, bringing the helmet down in front of the ears and under the chin. At the top of the helmet is a plume of fibers of grey and white, intended to look like horse hair. Inside the helmet there is foam lining to make it more comfortable for the wearer, and “MWM 70” written in permanent marker at the base.

The singulum made from two pieces of brown leather that are stitched together. The belt features notches on both ends allowing the garment to be tied together and held in place. On the inside an inscription reads “MPLE” in black permanent marker. This garment does not feature any measurements, but it does measure 34.5” across.

The sandals have a thick leather sole, and soft leather wrappings with diamond patterns cut out along the sides. They have a leather strap to lace them up, which is woven through the diamond cut outs and then tied around the ankle. The inside sole is marked “13,” presumably the size, in black permanent marker.

These items feature some wear from production use, including some areas where the painted finish is wearing thin or cracking, and distressing of the leather, but overall they remain in good condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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