Absolute Beginners


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”It was England all right, but very un-English. Every class. Every income. Every kink. Boys. Girls. Black. White. Yellow. Bent. Versatile. All on equal terms.”

A clapperboard from the production of Julien Temple’s 1986 musical drama Absolute Beginners.

Set in 1950s London Colin (Eddie O’Connell), a young photographer, seeks the spotlight so that he can attract the attention of Crepe (Patsy Kensit), an aspiring fashion designer.

The clapperboard is made of wood with a metal hinge and is painted predominantly black with white boxes. The title of the film, as well as the director, director of photography and production company, are handwritten on tape attached to the board. It is dated ’25 Jan 85’ and has faded information about the slate and take numbers. Taped on the reverse are a couple of pieces of paper with additional handwritten production information.

The piece has wear from production use and age, with chipping to the wood, most notably on the clapper. The metal hinge has rusted over time. Considering the age and use of the piece it remains in a good condition.

Materials: Wood, Ferrous Metals, Paper.

Item size - 13.78" x 15.35" x 0.39" (35cm x 39cm x 1cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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