6th Day, The

Sim-Pal Cindy Bag

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”We won't have to lose our Mozarts. We won't have to lose our Martin Luther Kings. We will have finally conquered death.”

A Sim-Pal Cindy bag used in the 2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action movie The 6th Day.

The colourful bags can be seen early in the film when Andy (Schwarzenegger) visits the Mall to enquire at 'Repet' about their recently deceased dog Oliver, and instead buys an animatronic 'Sim-Pal Cindy' as a gift for his daughter.

Custom made for the production from card, the bag blends from pink to purple with two purple braided handles, featuring the name of the toy in swirly girlish writing and the tag line 'The best friend money can buy'.

Still in good condition, the item shows some light wear from storage - a small join near the base has come unstuck.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

This item is on consignment and is sold under the margin scheme for collector's items; no VAT is due.
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