28 Weeks Later

US Army ID Card

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An ID card used in the production of the British horror film 28 Weeks Later. Six months have passed since the Rage virus wiped out much of the UK population. As refugees return to the desolate city of London, father Don (Robert Carlyle) is reunited with his children Tammy (Imogen Poots) and Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton). But when Don’s lost wife Alice (Catherine McCormack) – a carrier of the Rage virus – is found, a new outbreak brings the city to its knees.

This ID card and others like it were issued to US Army personnel operating in District One as a part of Operation Rising Dawn. Printed on white plastic, the ID card features a photograph of the soldier it was issued to, their name, rank, pay grade, the card’s date of issue and expiry and a barcode. A hole has been added at the top for the attachment of a lanyard or clip holder.

Displaying some wear from use including pin holes, light folds and creases, the ID remains in good production-used condition.

Item size - 3.54" x 2.17" x 0.08" (9cm x 5.5cm x 0.2cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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