28 Weeks Later

Severed Silicone Torso

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”Having fun down there Doyle?”

A severed silicone torso from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s 2007 horror 28 Weeks Later.

Six months have passed since the Rage virus wiped out much of the UK population. As refugees return to the desolate city of London, father Don (Robert Carlyle) is reunited with his children Tammy (Imogen Poots) and Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton). But when Don’s lost wife Alice (Catherine McCormack) – a carrier of the Rage virus – is found, a new outbreak brings the city to its knees.

Severed human body parts like this were used in the zombie massacre in the field when Flynn (Harold Perrineau) flew his helicopter into a massive herd of the undead, dismembering them gorily.

Realistically crafted from silicone and dressed in an orange-coloured shirt, the torso features graphically lifelike injury detail where its limbs and head have been severed. The skin has been painted and treated to resemble the sheen of newly-decaying flesh, with jagged edges, bloody flesh and broken bone detail. A wood and metal internal structure provides shape and rigidity.

Purposely distressed for the production, the piece shows extensive staining, dirt and wear to create the intended grisly effect, but remains in very good overall condition.

Materials: Silicone, Man-Made Woven Fibres.

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