13th Warrior, The

Hyglak’s (Albie Woodington) Armor Costume

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Hyglak’s (Albie Woodington) Armor Costume from the 1999 John McTiernan directed action/adventure film, The 13th Warrior.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan (Antonio Banderas) is an Arab ambassador. When he is exiled from his homeland he comes across a band of Norse warriors who he is destined to join.

Hyglak can be seen wearing this armor throughout the film. This piece was forged by master film armorer Terry English. Made from aluminium, the armor is comprised of a solid breastplate that attaches with leather straps around the shoulders and midsection.

The helmet, though not featured in the film, has been marked for the character “Hyglak.” The helmet is made from steel, and is insulated with leather. The steel has rivets along the crown and sides and includes a leather chin strap. The shin guards are made with an aluminium plate, and strap to the leg using three leather ties with buckles. One of the shin guards is tagged with the name “Johnson” who performed as Woodington’s stuntman during the film.

Also included are a faded red cotton jacket, and a pair of leather pants that were crudely stitched together using black and faded grey leather. The pants are held together with a black leather belt and a set of leather ties located in the front.

The costume includes a single leather glove with plated steel around the wrist and forearm, along with a pair of red leather boots marked "Hyglak."

This custom made costume does not feature any sizing information, however it remains in good production worn condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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