Vermithrax Dragon Color Reference Photo Lot

Printed Copy Imperial Snow Walker Designs

Rancor Puppet and Cave Polaroid Set

Extensive Tauntaun Animation Notes Handwritten by Phil Tippett

Tauntaun maquette

Hand-drawn Chess Set Character Sketch 06 by Phil Tippett

Hand-drawn Hammerhead Alien Sketches by Jon Berg

Hand-drawn Tauntaun Sketch by Phil Tippett

ILM Telexes

Hand-drawn Tauntaun Skeleton Designs by Phil Tippett

Painted Draco head casting

Hand-drawn Space Slug Diagram and Printed Copy Sketches

Han Solo’s Unfreezing – Phil Tippett’s Handwritten Shot Notes, Sketches, and Photos

First Annual Lucasfilm Family Christmas Celebration Invitation

Hand-drawn Flat-top Alien Sketch by Jon Berg

Hand-drawn Chess Game Sketch by Phil Tippett

Hand-drawn Dinosaur Artwork by Phil Tippett

Photo Cutout Background Imperial Walker AT-AT

Hand-drawn Rancor Breakdown Diagram

Clay Draco maquette

Dragon Polaroid & Photo Set

Hand-painted Vermithrax Artwork by Dave Carson

Jurassic Park Bronto maquette

Hand-drawn Imperial Walker Animation Notes by Phil Tippett

‘Taun Running Test!’ ILM Paper Slate

Hand-drawn Luke Skywalker Puppet Reference Sketch

Hand-drawn ‘Bug Man’ Chess Set Character Sketch by Phil Tippett

Location Photography Continuity Polaroids

Hand-drawn Tauntaun Movement Animation Cycle Sketches by Phil Tippett

Hand-drawn Tauntaun Design Mod. Breakdown by Phil Tippett

Washington Square Ghost

Animatics Jeep Model

Biker Scout Puppet Head Cast

Warrior Bug Maquette with Tippett Studios Crate

Tauntaun Maquette Head Casts

Painted Tauntaun Puppet Head Casts