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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Prop Store

St. Valentine is about to shoot his arrow through our hearts, which always seemed a little violent to us. Still, whether you’re loved up or lovesick, you might be wanting to inject a little romance into your life. Take a look at some great items available in Prop Store’s catalogue and see if there’s something that could work as a gift, or a way to treat yourself and start to heal if you’ve lost that loving feeling.

Celebrate Oscar season with eight great props from Academy Award-winning movies!

It’s that time of year again, when prestige films and the people who made them are busily competing for awards attention. Glitzy ceremonies are rolling out the red carpet for stars and trophies are being handed over like they’re going out of fashion. The Academy Awards are creeping closer, with the big event scheduled for February 28th, so we thought we’d pay tribute to some of the big Oscar-winning movies by looking at some great items in the Prop Store’s collection.