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COSTUMES | Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction 2021 – London

The way a character is dressed is one of the defining elements in filmmaking that give you, the audience, an insight into just who they are. Whether it’s an elaborate ballgown, well-tailored suit, or a wacky ensemble, an actor’s costume can provide critical moments within a film, portray a specific time period and bring a character to life.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Prop Store

St. Valentine is about to shoot his arrow through our hearts, which always seemed a little violent to us. Still, whether you’re loved up or lovesick, you might be wanting to inject a little romance into your life. Take a look at some great items available in Prop Store’s catalogue and see if there’s something that could work as a gift, or a way to treat yourself and start to heal if you’ve lost that loving feeling.