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Prop Store Live Auction 2017 Presents… 80s Sci-FI Icons

Welcome to the first of our Preview Blogs for the Prop Store 2017 Live Auction. During August and September, we will give you a weekly advance preview of some of the very special items that we have in store for you….

Prop Store’s Phil Tippet Auction… Into the Depths of Tippett Studio

Early in the summer of 2016, four Prop Store employees traversed through stinky cow country to the Bohemian bay area city of Berkeley California to assist in collecting iconic pieces of movie props, artwork and memorabilia for the Phil Tippett Auction

Prop Store Live Auction 2016 Presents… 80s Classics

Welcome to this week’s preview to our Prop Store Live Auction on 27th September 2016. This week’s ‘theme’ is a decade that holds fond cinematic memories for so many of us – the 80s…