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Inside the Characters of Marvel’s The Punisher: Jigsaw, Micro, and Pilgrim

Since his first appearance in 1974’s The Amazing Spider-Man #129, The Punisher’s popularity amongst comic book fans has consistently grown. As Marvel’s first true anti-hero, readers connected with Frank Castle’s obsessive drive for justice and revenge in the wake of the tragic murder of his family at the hands of warring gangs. Castle’s unrelenting nature and singularity of vision made him the scourge of the New York underworld, recognizable both for his brutal methods of justice as well as the signature white skull emblazoned on his chest.

FRANK CASTLE – The History of Marvel’s The Punisher

When Frank Castle first appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #129 47 years ago, he was unlike any other crimefighter who’d sprung from the pages of Marvel Comics. Wearing stark black and white rather than brightly colored skintights, with a huge death’s head frowning out of his chest, the superpower-less Punisher was a brutal vigilante driven by an unhinged thirst for retribution.

How To Bid | Marvel’s The Punisher Online Auction

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