Behind the Scenes at Prop Store: London & LA

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Have you ever wondered what Prop Store HQ looks like? If you’re envisioning rooms chock-full of some of the finest cinematic collectibles from movie history, you’re not far off the mark. Our offices and spaces in both LA and London are Aladdin’s caves of props, costumes, models, scenery and amazing movie paraphernalia. Why not take a look behind the scenes to see for yourself?

Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes at our LA offices, and an interview with Prop Store founder Stephen Lane and chief operations officer Brandon Alinger. Here the pair share their favourite pieces from their LA HQ and explain how their own passions for movie memorabilia got out of control and turned into what Prop Store is today…


Back across the pond in our snowy London offices, Stephen takes you on a tour of some of the on-screen wonders on show on our walls. From Schwarzenegger’s retractable sword from Conan the Barbarian and Sigourney Weaver’s flame thrower from Alien, to a baby Ewok from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume, we work in a veritable treasure trove of silver screen splendour…


We love movie memorabilia, and we know you’re hooked too. Our ethos is all about sharing our collection and showing it off to true fans. Whether you come for a tour of our collections in London or LA, or want to see our stuff at cinemas, conventions and events, there are tonnes of opportunities to enjoy Prop Store’s treasures.


Want to take a peek? Please get in touch with our team to learn more. Alternatively, to own some of our splendid collection for yourself, keep your eyes peeled for our next exclusive auction…

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  1. Avatar Luis says:

    I became a prop collector thanks to these videos. Since then I see them every month at least twice. This collection is a top reference Amazing collection! Beautiful and tasteful exposed.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Avatar Prop Store says:

      Hi Luis,

      That’s great! We hope you continue to enjoy our collection & we’d love to hear about yours too!

  2. Really enjoyed this blog post. Much obliged.

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