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Brexit Updates

As you may be aware, the UK is shortly due to leave the European Union. Based on this change there are sales tax implications that will likely affect our customers located within the existing European Union and Northern Ireland after December 31st, 2020.

European Union Customers:
From December 31st, items will be sold at a price exclusive of VAT. Applicable VAT (sales tax) will not be charged; however you will be liable for paying any duties and sales taxes applicable to the country of destination to your local authority.

You will notice our site begin to display a Euro price – the conversion is approximate, provided for your convenience; you will be charged in GB£ as has always been the case. The exclusive of VAT amount in GB£ will be displayed during checkout.

Whilst we are using harmonisation codes within Europe and the expectation is that 0% duty and a reduced rate of VAT will be applied by your local authority, this is not guaranteed. We recommend checking with your local authorities for clarification.

Northern Ireland Customers:
From December 31st, we are obligated to apply 20% VAT on all items sold under the Margin Scheme (denoted by an “M” by the Buy Now item price, or Auction lot number).

If you have an existing order with us, you will have been contacted to advise you of these changes and how they affect your specific orders.

If you have any queries please contact the office on 01494 766485 or email Priya Mudgil ( and Viki Merry ( – we’re standing by to assist you.

For additional information on Prop Store, please see our General FAQ and Ordering FAQ.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.